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“I might not be No.1, but our destination always be the same” said Mr 曾志龙 Cheng Zhee Long

Unbeatable runner, Cheng Zhee Long,

first cerebral palsy (who has physical challenged) runner in the world
to have completed 24-hour race with 75.329KM

Zhee Long will attend at Danga Bay on 31 Oct together with his friends and join us!!




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“I believe nothing is impossible” quotes from Runner, Benedict Neo

Benedict and his allies runners will share their running experience as well as tips with all the runners on that night!!


Champion Title in 2015::

  • 2015 First New Year Mileage Run 10km Champion
  • Melaka skywalk 21km half marathon Champion
  • Southern college 8.5km run men open Champion
  • YMM National Charity Run 7km Champion
  • 2015 Rainbow Run Men Open 5.5km Champion
  • KLGreat Eastern Run 12km Men Open Champion
  • Kluang High School 5km Men Open Champion
  • Larian Amal Kesihatan Johor 2015 Men Open 7km Champion
  • Foon Yew Kulai 8km Run Champion
  • Johor Bahru Herbalife 5km Run Champion
  • 2015 Johor Run Champion
  • JB Sundown 12km Corporate Challenge Champion
  • Lion Heart RunJB 5km Men Open Champion

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Runners Entitlements:

  1. 100% Polyester RUNNER SHIRT with GLOW printing
  2. Metal Aluminium Pewter MEDAL with GLOW lanyard
  3. Glow Sticks
  4. Glow Shoe Lace

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Hell boy LED-flash-light-stick-shape-of-heart-stars-rose-4-colour-mix-length-24cm (1)  Neon-GLOW-STICKS-&oacute Untitled-1 (1) Untitled-4 Tatoot



  1. GLOW Merchant Area
  2. GLOW Fun Zone
  3. FOOD Zone
  4. Johor Bahru NIGHT VIEW



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ALL Participants are entitled for FREE GLOW MAKE UP SERVICE!!


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ALL Participants are entitled for Instant Photo Printing, where you can take photo and print here!!



Thanks JT Apps Sdn Bhd for kindness!!



Zulhelmi  Zulfadli Zulkiffli  Fikri Hadmadi  Tan Chun Seang


Confirmed Players:
i. Zulfadli Zulkiffli -World Junior Champion (Malaysia, World Ranking 41)
ii. Tan Chun Seang (Malaysia, World Ranking 108)
iii. Fikri Hadmadi (Indonesia, World Ranking 150)
iv. Rusydina Antardayu (Indonesia, World Ranking 101)


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J.D.T- JOHOR Southern Tigers; the proud of JOHORian is coming!!!





Thanks Sedarah JOHOR Chapter for supporting us,
grand numbers of Harley Davidson will brighten up our night!!

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Pretty makes night prettier, thanks Model groups for supporting us!!



For more detail:

Category A <Event Atmosphere>
*First Prize: RM 1000 Cash & Certificate*
*Second Prize: RM 800 Cash & Certificate*
*Third Prize: RM 500 Cash & Certificate*
*5 x Special Prize: Souvenir & Certificate *

Category B <Harley Davidson>
*3 x Special Prize: Souvenir & Certificate*

Category C <Model>
*3 x Special Prize: Souvenir & Certificate*

Terms & Conditions

  1. All entries have to be taken during Glow Charity Run in JB (date: 31st October 2015 ) and to be submitted in JPEG format (no need to develop photo or black card).
    所有参赛作品必须是 Glow Charity Run in JB 活动当天所拍摄的。只需提交照片JPEG副本即可(无需将照片洗出,也无需黑卡)。
  2. Only minor edit (colour balance, brightness, contrast and crop) is allowed.
  3. Please submit together with your full name, IC number, contact number and email address.
    请将全名,IC 号码,联络号码和电邮地址连同参赛作品一起提交
  4. Please submit latest by 8th November 2015, Sunday to Foto Berlian. We will ignore all entries summited after.
    请于最迟2015年11月8 号把照片呈交/邮寄至Foto Berlian,所有之后呈交的照片恕不被受理。
  5. One photographer is allowed to have only one prize even if many entries are submitted.
  6. All participants who submitted photo entry will have certificate of participation.
  7. Judging date is temporarily set on 9th November 2015 at Foto Berlian. Resulte will be announced on the spot and on Facebook.
    评审日期暂定于2015年11月9日,于Foto Berlian 公开评审。比赛成绩将在现场揭晓,并公布于Foto Berlian facebook
  8. Judges’ decision is final and no complaint will be entertained.
  9. All prizes must be collected by 9th December 2015
  10. Organizers of this event have the right to use photos submitted without prior notice and have the rights to modify terms and conditions.


12105707_752684154843647_4091827207158356873_n IMG_0579

Non-alcoholic rave party will be started from 8p.m – 11p.m