Sports Navi Enterprise is an online-based company that’s dedicated to promoting Malaysian sports online. We provide a variety of advertising options and opportunities, virtual or print. We offer different, effective advertising packages to fulfill different clients’ expectations. The company is made up of a young and creative team of talents hailing from diverse backgrounds. The ultimate vision of Sports Navi is to groom athletes who will make our country proud in the international sports sector. For instance, we’re looking forward to assist in obtaining the first gold medal for Malaysia in 2024 Olympics.

Sports Navi hopes to cultivate a better sports industry environment across the nation, in which athletes’ efforts are highly appreciated and their achievement is put under the spotlight, so that more and more talents will be encouraged to pursue their dream in the sports arena.


Our vision is to develop a nationwide fitness program and raise the competitiveness of our athletes. We believe that sports can bring our nation to the global stage, where our athletes will perform proudly and win the glory in every kind of sport. We also hope that the distinctions between skin color can be overstepped to help make Malaysia truly united, so we can see all citizens of Malaysia gathered in front of their television sets one day to witness our first gold medal in the Olympics.


The core mission of SportsNavi.com.my is to transform Malaysia into a sports-strong nation, in which the efforts of athletes can be seen and rewarded.


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You may have seen some of the high level sports autobiographies we have published in recent years. Sergio Aguero’s ‘Born To Rise’; Craig Bellamy’s life story ‘Goodfella’; Jimmy White’s ‘Second Wind’; Keith Gillespie’s ‘How Not To Be A Football Millionaire’ and Fabrice Muamba’s ‘I’m Still Standing’ were all extremely well received and have all sold in their thousands. We’re unique as sports book publishers. Not only will we produce striking covers and powerful content, we will back this up with a unique and effective marketing campaign.


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We are strategically positioned at the forefront of digital publishing for sport.Our design-led, interactive publications and the way they are produced are in line with the leading international consumer magazines. This puts us ahead of the game in the sports sector.

We have created digital matchday programmes and magazines for a host of clubs and organisations and have the ability to layer this offering with special issues and bespoke publications. Sport Media uses the latest technology and works with partners at the cutting edge of the business to ensure that we can fulfil clients’ expectations in the growing area of digital publishing.